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Hello, my name is Juliana. I’m an honest and straightforward natural psychic reader with 15 years’ experience. I am lucky enough to have multiple guides to send me insight and encouragement for my callers. Generally, my clients just ask me for honesty. I don’t approve of clouding issues so I would give nothing less. I am a compassionate and caring psychic reader, I take the time to really listen and try to understand the callers. It’s important for me to really be there for them and not just be a ‘reader’ but a friend who makes them feel comfortable.
I work a lot within love and relationships; I like to use your voice vibrations as well as my cards to gain insight on your love path. I have always been very tuned to the romance around me, even as a child. I would often show my psychic senses to my family and friends when they asked me questions on other people. I like to start the conversation by getting the name and date of birth for your readings.
I enjoy being able to guide people, looking after animals and making my friends happy as much as possible. I’m also very family orientated and love spending as much time as possible with them. My inspirational quote comes from my granny “There is no failing, there’s no losing as long as you give it your all you are always a winner”


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