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I have been practicing reading for 16-20 years now. I was about 8 years old when I had my first psychic experience. Years later when I turned 15, a few of my friends and I snuck into the cinema to see The Craft. As I sat watching it, I felt myself slipping into a sense of “homecoming”. It resonated with me on every level! The next weekend, I bought my first book on Wicca and the rest – as they say – is history 🙂

I am a natural intuitive psychic. I tend draw clients who are going through life transitions – break ups, potential moves and career change. My goal is to provide insight and guidance as to why these changes are happening and how the client can empower themselves to work through them. I have a background in astrology so I am able to offer wisdom based on their Sun, Moon and Rising signs as well as other relevant planetary influences. I always aim to leave my clients feeling powerful, hopeful and comforted. I think that should be the quintessential goal of every spiritual healer.

I use Tarot cards and astrology to connect with my clients. The deck I use is called The Wisdom Seekers Tarot. I find that the Tarot offers a myriad of signs to the client – small symbols and the usage of colour in the cards can guide me to intuit the changes, events and people coming into (or leaving) the client’s life. Within these subtleties is where my intuition receives it’s strongest signal! I can pick up on the tiniest sign or, a single word will cross the Third Eye and I know that it’s imperative that I include it in the reading.

I am a calming, compassionate and honest psychic. I get an absolute thrill out of guiding people through difficult times! I really enjoy being able to empower and comfort people during their darkest days. I also love being able to offer words of insight and encouragement as the client takes on the most difficult challenges that any of us have to face – mastery of Self.

In my spare time I like to read (my favourite subjects are pop psych, self help, psychology and spirituality), write, make jewellery and walk.

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