James A Nugent

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Hello, I am James A Nugent. I’m a Natural psychic with a very approachable and warm manner, I connect with my guides through hands free readings, Tarot, and remote viewing. I am empathetic always towards my callers and I am always here to listen to them at all times. I like to connect with my guides through a reading and pass on all information I receive from them to the caller.
I try to reassure my callers to feel relaxed and calm with me throughout the readings and let them know that they are free to ask me any questions they may have at any time. My callers tend to ask me for readings on subjects including work, relationship, house move, and psychic development. I would say I set myself apart from other readers by my empathetic nature. My favourite tool to use are the Tarot cards as it has such a beautiful and warm energy to use during a reading. When I am reading the cards for the caller, I am connected with my guides at all times, they give me the insights which then I pass on to my callers. I enjoy all of my work, especially working with my guides in all aspects of the reading. I particularly like giving guidance on how to work on an Improve psychic development on how to hone and develop the skills and abilities. This in its self gives me a sense of fulfilment.
When I’m not dedicated to readings, I am a Virtuoso guitarist and songwriter. I sing and play other instruments too; in my spare time, I like to play Rock and classical guitar. I also like to work out and keep fit. My most inspirational quote comes of the legend Bruce Lee – “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you will never get it done”


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