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Jacqueline originates from and resides in the USA. She tell us that she has been psychically guiding people for over 20 years. She aims to always be direct and inspirational during her readings and her favourite areas to focus on are Destiny & Life Path, Love & Relationships and Career and Work. Jacqueline considers herself to have natural abilities which include psychic sight and dream analysis, and to assist her with her readings, she uses crystals, tarot cards and the crystal ball.
Jacqueline believes it is extremely important to tell her customers to remain positive at all times, this is due to the Law of Attraction which is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and is something she feels a close connection to.
During her spare time Jacqueline likes to relax, and has several hobbies to occupy herself, she loves to paint, cook and listen to classical music.
For a positive, inspirational and direct reading, please call Jacqueline today!


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