Grant Colyer

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Hi there I’m Grant. I am a compassionate yet direct reader with over 30 years experience. I primarily work with energies and my Guide, and often work hands-free to bring you an insightful, positive and uplifting reading, by tuning into the energies around you and using my natural psychic skills. I am blessed with many natural psychic senses such as psychic vision, psychic hearing and am very empathic. I am also able to work with a variety of tools. I have had my deck of Tarot cards for many years and can give fast, dynamic readings using these. I also favour the crystal ball, but I can also introduce other factors into a reading where relevant, such as numerology and astrological aspects.

As I primarily work with energies. I also have other skills such as Channelling, Animal communication and Automatic writing , which I use from time to time, or if these are requested or coming through to me.

When giving you a reading, I want you to leave it feeling calm, more positive and reassured about the future. I am a very positive yet straightforward person myself, and my reading style is honest and frank and very direct, while still being enlightening, sympathetic and gentle with you. I have a great sense of humour and love to make people smile, even if they are in times of trouble. Try a reading with me and I will use my own unique reading style to search for the keys to unlocking a positive future for you.


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