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Hello, my name is Georgina and I descend from French travellers, I work with the Tarot cards as a tool for my psychic senses to provide guidance and insight for your questions. I am an International reader for callers from all walks of life and located pretty much across the globe. I work with such a diverse range of distinct cultures and principles regarding love and relationships, and day to day issues which are usually relevant to their ways of life. I get calls from clients for a variety of questions to do with love and family to work and house moves. My cards take me all around your life and not just on one subject so sometimes I must bring them back into line and not go off into other areas of your life. The journey for me has taken many years and time and patience to really establish myself in the world of readers.
When I have a first-time caller, I will ask them their name and date of birth because I use the year to find out what stage of life they are at. I ask the caller to tell me when to stop while I am shuffling the cards and after dividing into three piles. I would then ask the caller to choose a pile, only then do I ask for something to start the reading with; this could be Love, Work etc. I only need the title because the cards are already working for me so I may go straight into it.
When I am not giving readings, I am very passionate about reading books. Not only is reading a good method of escapism it is also a wonderful educational tool. Reading can guide with my development of card reading practises. I am also very much in love with my garden and nature in general. My most inspirational quote is ‘A mothers love for her child is like nothing else in the world’.


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