Ericka Rose

Ericka Rose

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Hello, I am Ericka Rose, a straightforward and honest psychic reader with over 25 years’ experience. I am a spiritual healer and I enjoy looking into my caller’s life paths and seeing what insight I might have to give to you. I look mostly into twin flame and relationship paths and love to look at all things romance. I am a natural psychic but I do have a passion for the cards. I believe they tend to paint a better picture of the person as well as the people around them. I tend to look at the picture and get a glimpse of the person and then I connect with my guides. Normally, my callers ask for a full life reading. This covers many aspects of life including love, home, work and family life. I give insight about others emotions towards my caller and I use my mental connections to tap the persons feeling and also using their name and date of birth.
When I was a very young girl I became aware of my psychic senses. At five years-old, at my grandparent’s farm, I noticed that I felt and sensed things that others didn’t tend to notice. I would see things and others wouldn’t understand how I knew, I ‘just did’. I was always told I had ‘my grandmother’s gift’ but it was a while before I understood what that was. It turned out, my grandmother and a few of my aunties had the psychic sense. With all these other readers around me it would have been impossible to not grow and develop my sense. Also, because of them, I learnt to love and appreciate the beauty in the world. I learnt the joys of meditation and the worlds natural beauty.

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