Emma Louise

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Hi, I’m Emma, and I am a natural psychic reader and card reader with over 13 years of experience. My preferred areas of focus during my readings are love and relationships, general readings and possible priorities in your life, and family life.

When you come through to me, I will approach your reading with a sensitive, yet light hearted manner, as I feel that this can mean you get the most out of your reading, and enjoy it at the same time. As much as possible, I strive to provide you with an honest and uplifting reading each time you come through to me.

When I read for you, I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities, alongside my deck of cards and my guides. I will do my best to look as deeply as possible into your situation, and gain the broadest and deepest level of insight possible. I love going the extra mile for anyone who calls me, so I will strive to provide you with as much guidance as I can.

I do not know when exactly I first realised that I was a psychic, as it was something that I remember growing up with, however I did not choose to develop this until I was 21. Me and my family experienced a number of strange occurrences, and it was when we spoke to a psychic regarding this that she said that I had psychic skills, and that I should learn to control and hone them. I then began attending a spiritualist church to do this, and have been developing since.

Besides giving readings, I spend the majority of my spare time developing and learning more about my natural psychic skills, in order to give more insightful readings. I am particularly inspired by a quote from one of my guides: ‘It is ok to look back but don’t stand and stare… Learn from the past and move forward at ease’. So, for an honest reading, give me a call today!


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