Emma Haines

For a reading from Emma Haines please text the pin number 6241 to

Emma Haines works closely with her Spirit guides, high spiritual energy light workers/Angels. She uses different tools to quickly establish a strong energy connection with her clients – Tarot, oracles, angels cards, pendulums and also works unaided without any tools. Intuitively and through direct Spiritual connection, she is very empathic which helps see straight to the heart of any matters. She can see into the past, present and future.
Emma Haines has positive, uplifting, empowering energies of enlightenment messages to inspire all. She will help you with moving forwards, life directions and to help you answer all those questions that burn within and being reached out for
She also has the ability to remote view so this helps clients to see the whole picture. She can help answer questions or ease worries around you. She believes that we all have a natural psychic ability that we can learn to use and develop, empower and to know ourselves better.


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