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Hi my name is E’lana and I would say I am an inspirational psychic astrologer who likes to guide you toward your best path. During my readings I like to use my natural psychic skills such as aura readings, psychic sight, sound, vision, and empathy. I also receive messages via my guide, I get a subtle feeling and knowingness that I need to listen. It doesn’t take long and I get a knowingness and sometimes emotional feelings, and messages come through fast and furious most of the time. I am also a keen Animal Communicator, Astrologer, and Dream Analyst. I would describe my personality as being Down-to-earth, enlightening and inspirational.
My callers ask all types of questions. I get many about relationships, and I am very good at tuning in to what the deeper purpose is for these connections as well as where each individual is in their consciousness level and how to relate and understand. I do many readings about all subjects deep and wide, from people from all walks of life. Since I can look at their cosmic roadmap, the readings I give are messages about potentially the best course of action for a person and so it is very energetically tailored for them. With the use of my guide, I can usually tune in quickly. I love Astrology and cards and use them with almost every reading, because I can generally read the energy of a person and these tools give me the language that goes to the energetic messages that I get. I approach each reading with respect, and I introduce myself and say a bit about what I do, I also invite people to interject at any time.

I love getting into the mystery regarding people’s lives and what the hidden purpose is for things that have happened. I really enjoy being able to show them the potential possibilities are and to look for their unique pathway. This is a great honour, and joy!

During my free time I meditate daily. I take walks and bike rides and hike with my dog and best friend. I love to swim in the summer time. I also make jewellery and art from recycled copper.
One of my favourite inspirational quotes is:
” Life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience” – Soren Kierkegaard

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