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I am an empathic natural psychic and aura reader with deep connections. I am able to connect to guides for insight and use my psychic senses, do general readings and priorities in ones life and looking into past to see roots of current situations or emotions. Clients of my psychic readings may also benefit from:

1. Guidance on love and romantic issues
2. Guidance on work and career related challenges
3. A deeper understanding of your current journey in life, and where you may be heading
4. Cleansing and opening of auras
5. General readings
I found out about my psychic ability when I was a boy, but had no idea how to understand what was happening. When I was a bit older I set out to embrace this as a tool to assist the people around me; I have now been reading for up to 20 years. I have a kind and compassionate approach and I enjoy mostly guiding people to understand the unseen influences at play in their lives.
In my spare time, I am a fiction writer and freelance actor. I find the quote “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens,” by Carl Gustav Jung very inspirational.

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