Debbie Dickson

Debbie Dickson

For a reading from Debbie Dickson please text the pin number 6848 to

I am a compassionate and sensitive, natural psychic with almost 40years of experience reading professionally. I can look deep into your energy, giving guidance on events and also timelines. I am friendly and calming and will give you honest guidance from the tarot cards, which I am highly attuned to and have had for 37 years. I would love to guide you to reach your own understanding through the tarot and I totally trust in them to set you forward with a better understanding of your obstacles, by giving guidance and insight into your situation.

I am able to look to the past to see roots of current situations or emotions, pick up on emotions in a current situation of caller, picking up on emotions in current situation of partner or third party on request and more. My clients quite often ask for relationship/love readings, career, family and anything else that troubles them.
I am here to welcome you and make you feel at ease. At the beginning of my readings I will ask you to focus on my cards while I also focus on them. I will ask if you have an area or question you would like me to look at, or if you would prefer a general reading. In a general reading I will get a picture of what’s going on and where you are at, emotionally and otherwise. From here, we can streamline any areas that you might want me to expand on.

In my spare time, I enjoy remote viewing, however outside of psychic matters, I like to swim and spend my free time with my family. We are a small close knit unit and there is nothing better for me than to have them altogether here with me and all the pets.

A quote that I feel inspires me is “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ~ Mary Oliver~

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