David White

David White

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I am a compassionate and natural psychic with a rare psychic ability. I have always known I was different in some way but for many years I shied away from the work. I have been practicing now for up to 26 years and my preferred tool to use is the Tarot cards which I have worked with for many years. I am deeply familiar with each card and its significance and I read the whole spread rather than each individual card.

My main way of working is to guide my client to see into the nature of their life and move forward in the best possible way. I use my Tarot card as their imagery mirrors life’s challenges and I can see the past events and contributing factors that have lead up to the present situation. My client is free to ask questions and I will pass on any guidance that flows through me.

The areas that I tend to focus on include career and work, love and relationships, priorities in ones life and general. I class myself as an insightful and positive reader and I endeavour to make my client feel safe, cared for and at ease.

I am inspired by the quote “What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to banish doubt from our minds. Once doubts are banished anything is possible. – Don Juan Mateus”

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