Crystal Forest

Crystal Forest

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Hi everyone, Im Crystal Forest. I am natural, intuitive, psychic spiritual healer and I’m here to guide and empower you through any challenges that you may be facing in life. I will work with you to remove any emotional blockages, allowing you to gently and clearly move towards your dreams and reality.

My favourite tool at the moment is the tarot. I feel that they bring lots of energy and using these alongside my guides, allows me to communicate freely with insight, not just from images provided from my minds eye but also energy.

If your coming to me for the first time, I would aim to make you feel relaxed and at ease. I will guide you through a simple breathing exercise if needed and I ask you to be open to receiving insight and guidance as calmly and smoothly as possible; The more we are relaxed and open, the more we can share with their first time experience. Generally, many of my clients focus on the here and now and at times the future. Most come with questions as they, like me aim to work on what’s present and connect to the decisions that are important for the long term.
I love, art, photography and good music. Pretty much surrounded by all three on a daily bases. Anything that makes me laugh and smile is all I need in my life.
My favourite inspirational quote is “’Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You” – by the wonderful late Dr Wayne Dyer.

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