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I am Cleopatra, a psychic and spiritual distance healer and reader full of Eastern Guiding promise. I aim to ease and connect with your situations. I’ve a compassionate, lively, uplifting style to connect to your life path. I use my lifetime’s experience with energy channels as I work with my many guides to give you insight to your reading. I will do all types of readings as both people and life can be quite complex. So whether it is love, work, or family issues on your mind, I would love to do your reading. If you have questions I will focus upon those for a more centered reading. One of my favourite sayings is:
“To quieten the mind is like an inner healing. Wash away the sand from your eyes and See.”

I work empathetically and tools that I also use in readings are tarot cards, Angel cards, crystals, pendulum, colours and chakras. I am also a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer and have explored and helped many situations for others. Now is your time to connect your circumstances with me Cleopatra, for your individual and always unique reading. The Pyramids may be a mystery but your life need not be. I look forward to your call.

I enjoy a close connection with animals and nature. I love the changes of the seasons and the beauty in lands all over the world.

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