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I am a natural psychic with a strong animal connection. I can work with my psychic senses, no tools/freehand and I do remote viewing and I also have experience with colour therapy and crystal balls. I have always known about my psychic ability. I have attended many courses in America and London to raise my awareness to the best possible level and have now been practicing for over 26 years.

I always trust my spiritual guides to give the right insight for all clients, guiding them to move their lives forward in the choices they make. I am a calming, direct and honest reader so please give me a call.

Living on the edge of a nature reserve is great, so I enjoy walking in nature and I love animals as I feel they are the source of the energy I bring to readings.

Once you feel in control, you will enjoy it all” – From Esther and Jerry Hicks, Teachings of Abraham.

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