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I am a compassionate psychic using a direct approach to guide people and empower you on your journey. I am a natural psychic and card reader. The cards I use are Baraja Espanola/Spanish Playing Cards, however my old Marseilles Tarot Deck are my favourite. I use my psychic senses and psychic vibrations to complement the personal Astrology, Tarot, Crystals, Runes and Numerology to guide you where you are now; and how to move forward into the future life you want.

I like to make sure that you feel welcome and I will usually do a general Reading to start off with. I use the format of “What does this client need to know now!” and that way I feel the goalposts are wide open to let all guidance to come through and not exclude any options. Where a specific question might. I am however open to any questions you may have such as career/work or priorities in ones life.

I was only a child when I noticed my psychic ability. I grew up with close relatives who also has this psychic skill and they would talk to me about similar experiences they’d had. I was told that this runs in the family. At the age of 12 I was confidently reading Cards and even had a small crystal ball and now I have been reading for up to 25 years.

I enjoy spending time with close friends and family, nothing like quality time and quality coffee too!
I really enjoy the outdoors – fields, woods, greenery, nature and visiting places of interest.
My day begins and ends with stillness, renewal and reconnecting with the sacred.
Prayer and meditation is my lifeline.

“Pray, hope and don’t worry.” by Padre Pio.

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