Charra Love

For a reading from Charra Love please text the pin number 6311 to

I am a natural psychic empath and card reader. I work very closely with my guides which I receive messages from in different forms, however I do mainly hear them. I can do Chakra work, Crystal healing, Numerology and Spiritual healing and I will usually use Remote viewing and Pendulum to assess which chakra needs attention.

If you come through to me, you can expect me to explain what I do and how I work first of all. I will spend the first few minutes talking to connect with your energy and I will ask what you would like me to look into. Once I feel connected to you, I will then begin the reading. I can look into many areas, such as destiny & life-path, love/relationships and removing emotional blockages but my main focus is on love. I am a down to earth, positive and honest reader and I feel that my main purpose is to guide you to love yourself which in turns brings love in the form of a beneficial relationship/partnership/marriage.
The first time I truly knew I was psychic was when I channelled for the first time at a church I attended in 2008 and I have been working and developing my psychic skills ever since then.
When not working with clients I love to spend my time creating music and have just recently found a passion in developing crystal jewellery.


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