Celestial Voice

Celestial Voice

For a reading from Celestial Voice please text the pin number 6869 to

I am an uplifting natural born Psychic since childhood and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t connected to my psychic ability. In 2000 I decided to take the path of a professional psychic and have now been practicing for up to 20 years.

My clients normally ask for readings on their life situations and how to improve them; especially if they feel stuck or trapped in their current situations and need guidance to move forward. I use angel cards along with my psychic senses and connect to my guide for insight. I also have experience in dream analysis and psychic development and can give guidance in areas such as love/relationships and looking into past to see roots of current situations or emotions.

I will normally work firstly with my eyes closed and connect with all guides. I will then later on use my angel cards, “The Ascended Masters”, giving the client insight for the coming year. I will ask the client if they have any questions they would like me to look into and also ensure that they are comfortable with how I read. Please feel free to stop me at any time to ask questions.

I enjoy African Drumming in my spare time, cooking, music, being in nature; especially forests and connecting to nature/tree spirits and travelling.

“What the mind can perceive it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

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