Astral Star

Astral Star

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Hello, I am Astral Star. I would describe myself as a warm, empathetic, natural psychic reader. I work with my spirit guides alongside my natural senses and cards to provide insight and guidance for my callers. I approach a reading by firstly finding out why the caller is calling me today; whether they have a specific situation for me to tune in on, or whether they want a general reading. This is when I can connect with my spirit guides and explain any other psychic methods for the reading. I love to use my cards as well, I feel they allow me to deepen my connection to the situation at hand. In general, my callers ask for readings around love, relationships and career. I feel emotional matters are something that I connect to on a personal level and provide strong insight and guidance.

I realised my psychic senses after a long meditation with a rose quartz crystal. I had had a lot of interest in the psychic world before that day and after a realised I dove into developing my senses and psychic skills. I found for me that the best way to hone my psychic skills was to keep reading for friends and family until I was ready to take it public. Even now I like to train and meditate daily to keep my psychic sense sharp. In my spare time, I love to sing and enjoy audio books and podcasts (notably the archers); surprising for someone of my years, but I think it’s because I can’t see so I really enjoy that it’s all done in audio! My most inspirational quote comes from DR. Wayne. W. Dyer. “Restate what you want from what you are against to what you are for, and bliss is your reward”.

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