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Hello, I am Antonia and I have over 26 years of experience. I realised my potential much later than I realised that I had the psychic abilities. What guided me to realise my psychic skills, was when I was picking up on material that I had no knowledge of before. I am a natural psychic empath and work no tools/freehand and with my senses and I can do aura readings and automatic writing.

People usually approach me for guidance into their relationship, emotional insight, removing emotional blockages and career issues. Every reader has their own style, however, what makes my style different from others I would say is my experience and approach. I like to work direct, however, there has been times where I have been known to use angel cards and tarot cards.

My hobbies are to keep healthy and stay active. I will fill my days with activities that keep the mind and body active e.g. swimming, Pilates, meditation, and reading. My favourite quote is “the spirit never dies, so you will never stop learning” – unknown author.

If you are looking for a direct, honest and sympathetic reader then give me a call.


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