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I have been giving psychic readings professionally for over 26 years. I would describe myself as being a compassionate, natural psychic that is calming but direct. I meditate a lot as this helps me to focus my energy and channel the messages I receive, and the vibrations that I get from you.

I am able to focus on love, relationships, career, or give you a general overview on where you path is leading, in English or French. Knowing that someone can understand and empathise with your situation and that they will give you honest insight as they receive it, is all that some people need. After a reading with me I aim that you will feel uplifted and have a much more positive outlook on your life path.

I feel that I have always had natural psychic abilities, I have always thought outside the box and it has always been quiet natural for me to see from the invisible world and pass messages on to the intended party.

During my spare time I love meditating, I read a lot of books, I like to spend time in the garden and take long walk along the beach. I also volunteer at my local hospital and Citizens Advice Bureau.


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