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Hello, my name is Angelina. I am a natural psychic and I use my guides and also link in with your voice vibration. I was eleven years old when my grandmother told me that I had psychic abilities. My grandmother used to read the tea leaves and she also used playing cards. It wasn’t until later in life that I started doing the spiritual work and now I have been practicing for 6-10 years.
During my readings, I can also use my senses, Colour therapy, Crystal healing, Pendulum, Reiki healing and Spiritual healing. I also do Animal communication, Chakra readings and balance and Compatibility between 2 parties using astrology and other tools.
I would explain myself as a calming, compassionate and honest psychic. My callers usually come to me for guidance on love/relationship, job and career, house moves and much more. If there is a specific person they would like to talk about, I may link into the vibration of the name and give a reading on that person.

I am a very social person so in my spare time I like to go out and meet new people. I also love going to psychic fares and live bands. It’s important to have fun.

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