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I was aware of my psychic abilities as a child but did not become aware again until 21 years of age; however, it was not until my more mature years that I started to develop, appreciate psychic abilities which had been there all along and reconnect with Spirit guides whom are a major part of my life. I developed my psychic abilities in circles, development classes, churches and under close supervision of another reader until it was time for my guides and me to stand together. We are a team, they do all the work. I have encountered many changes within life; I now look on the positive side of things and live within the present situation as the here and now is where I believe we create our tomorrows. We cannot change history, but we can possibly change the way we approach it or view it.
I believe we are sometimes presented with certain circumstances, sometimes beyond our control, but life is a learning curve and we can gain knowledge and wisdom and learn from the experience; or sometimes we can end up with the same experience until we learn what we are meant to, whatever that may be; life I believe is about gaining a greater learning and understanding. However, I too believe one of the hardest lessons is to love, respect and honour oneself, not from an ego based mentality. I truly work from the heart and soul, with honesty and respect, am compassionate, empathetic, and direct. I work hands free, with divination cards and the pendulum. My readings look at all areas of life. When I am not giving readings, I love to meditate and I also provide tutoring. My most inspirational quote comes from Lao Tzu – “There is no illusion greater than Fear.”


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