Amy D

Amy D

For a reading from Amy D please text the pin number 6865 to

Hello, Im Amy D. Im a spiritualist psychic and I am sensitive to peoples’ energy. I am interested in guiding people and I also have a strong connection with Animals. I am a natural psychic and will use this along with my guide and tarot cards; which are my favourite tool, for extra insight. I also do astrology, chakra work, spiritual healing and tea leaves.

I work in areas of mainly chakra readings and balance, emotional insight and empathy and removing emotional blockages. I am a very compassionate and straightforward reader and would also like to say I am quite inspirational. I have been practicing reading for up to 15 years now.

I like to see what kind of emotions/feelings I get from my caller before they ask any questions. Then I will explain my first initial thoughts/messages and then will give guidance on any questions they have

I really enjoy what I do. I love encouraging people and giving guidance. I like to ensure that others feel good about themselves as I feel that this is very important.

A bit about me- I love all animals; I do horse-riding, I love music, comedy shows, the outdoor and mediation.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi

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