Amanda Jay

Amanda Jay

For a reading from Amanda Jay please text the pin number 6428 to

Amanda tells us that she has been a psychic reader for over 25 years, describing her readings as compassionate, down to earth and inspirational. Her main areas of focus during readings are love and relationships, your own psychic development, and your destiny and life path.

A spiritual and happy psychic, after introducing herself and her methods and abilities, Amanda will ask you if there is anything in particular that you would like to look into, before doing her best to ensure that you are comfortable before continuing. She will do her best to try and answer any questions that you have. She also believes that readings are more effective when the conversation is light hearted and with a sense of humour, as it helps to keep everyone more open and at ease.

Amanda tells us that she mainly works freehand using her natural psychic abilities to attempt to communicate with her guides, for them to try and tune into various aspects of your life. If requested, she will also be able to use her cards to try and tune into your situation, and is able to tailor her style slightly towards you.

When asked when she first realised when she was Psychic, Amanda recalls that she knew that she was a psychic from a very early age, as a number of her close family and ancestors were psychics, and she began giving readings at the age of 22. Since then, she has devoted many hours to providing uplifting and insightful readings to many customers.

As well as giving readings, Amanda enjoys reading and writing, particularly stories around mystical and fantasy worlds, and also studies Feng Shui in her free time. She is inspired by her own quote of ‘when in doubt – don’t’, so for an inspirational and straightforward reading, give Amanda a call today!

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