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Hi I am Amanda-Eloise and I am a natural, understanding and sympathetic psychic and I have been working as a psychic reader for over 35 years. My preferred areas to look at are love, relationships and career. I try to give positive, inspirational and intuitive guidance. Showing great empathy for my customers, I by linking in to their voice vibrations, aiming to always give giving us a close connection. IWith my calming, positive nature I wish tocan reassure and put the callers at ease from the moment the reading begins.
Along with my natural psychic skills I also have a guide. I work hands free, relying on my natural senses and guide to offergive clear messages and guidance.
I feel that I am a dedicated, hardworking psychic reader. I love my work and I am extremely passionate, getting a massive high from knowing I am guiding others by giving them possible new options to look at regarding their purpose, and offering a positive outlook on their lives.
My favourite inspirational quote is “It don’t work out if you don’t work at it” this is a lyric from a song called Flowers in the Dirt by Paul McCartney. I She take s great inspiration from this quote. I am a great believer in never giving up on your hopes and dreams and everything I do is driven by the desire to live my life to guide others in theirs. There is no other feeling like it for me, it gives me a natural high.
During my spare time I love to write books. I have an eclectic taste in music including The Beach Boys and The Beatles, and I love to take part in Karaoke. I am also a keen musician, playing the Euphonium in a brass band.
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