Abdallah B

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Abdallah tells us that he is a very fast psychic worker, and that as well as being a direct Psychic he is also very supportive. Abdallah tells us that he discovered his psychic senses when he was just 11 years old. At first he kept his thoughts and visions to himself, but when he did decide to share his readings with his friends and family, he realised he could not ignore it.
Abdallah’s favourite areas to read on are in Love and Relationships, Career and Work, and in Psychic Development. He has great compassion and understanding towards his clients. Before he begins his readings he likes to put them at ease by making sure they are relaxed and comfortable. He will ask his client about the questions they have so he can give each person a reading specific to them.
Abdallah has many great tools and senses to help him with his readings and he will pick which one to use relating to the demands of his clients, these include Remote Viewing, Psychic Development, Dream Analysis, Empathy, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship and Automatic Writing. To aid his natural skills Abdallah can also use tools such as Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystals, Pendulum, Tea Leaves and Water Scrying. Abdallah begins his readings by using his favourite tool, the Tarot Cards. These will often give him a good idea of his clients’ needs and he says helps him to achieve a good connection with them, it also assists him in understanding how they are feeling and helps him on picking up the client’s vibrations, giving him insight of how his client is feeling and giving them a deep connection.
Abdallah takes a huge amount of pride in the fact that he has guided many people. He hates to see people feeling sad or stuck and enjoys guiding them towards freeing themselves from their blockages and giving them his illuminating insight. Abdullah loves to have continuity with his clients and takes great satisfaction from dealing with them. Abdallah has given the empowerment and insight for people to make their own decisions to move forwards,
When Abdallah was 12 he met a Psychic who gave him some inspirational words, the Psychic told Abdallah that he felt they were alike and that he should never give up his psychic life, he should use and improve it, he felt that Abdallah would be able to achieve great things with it. He has always remembered this conversation and takes great comfort in these words.
In his spare time Abdallah likes to relax by practicing calm meditation techniques, he enjoys writing and technology.


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